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Check out what's cooking

Just prepping a little Tropical Salsa to go with our Catch feature for today! Have to come in and join us to get all the deets...
Our Dine Around @kitschwines feature pairings are flying off the shelves!!
Dine Around Dessert. Fixx Famous Key Lime Pie, with Coconut Whipped rules against eating dessert first over here!!
We are excited to host you for Dine Around 2020! Teaming up with our neighbors @kitschwines for some delicious pairings.
Fixx Grilled Cheese. Melty Brie, Provolone, Montery Jack and Homemade Bacon Apple Jam. Come in and warm up for Lunch! Crying tears of Cheese!
Behind the scenes!! Our secret house dressing!! Full of all the good things, also plant based!!
One of the things that makes us such a unique dining experience is the Bar!! Boutique Theatre Style Restaurant means you get to sit around the open kitchen, interact with our talented Culinary team and see your meal being expertly crafted in front of you. Lunch, Dinner and a Show, we call that a 2 for 1 ticket.
Happiest of holiday wishes!! We are closed until Friday, January 3. Road tripping to Saskatchewan to visit Family and Friends.
Chef Amit, putting out his best work as always!! Superb Features, different every day.
Yummy Caesar's on Thursday's!! $10 Pairs deliciously with any menu choice, if you have room left!
EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT!! Treat yourself this Holiday Season. As a BIG Thank you for buying, and supporting your local family operated small business....When you spend $100 or more in gift cards for your lucky recipient, we are going to gift YOU a $20 gift card valid January and February, not valid Valentine's week is the only catch!! Happy Holidays all you Lovely Humans!!!
Catch of the day Feature!! Fresh and different every single night. Arctic Char, Maple Bacon Apple Salsa, Grape Molasses, Chickpea Salad. Come and get your Fixx. @fishermansmarket